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Re: [IP] seizures

<<I was curious about the 12 year old having seizures since going on the
You say he was sleeping...did you catch him having the seizure? How often do
you check him when he is asleep?  That is very scary.>>

We're doing LOTS of checking.   Typically I test him every two
hours throughout the night (due to the fear of these seizures).
Matter of fact we're going through 400 strips a month!

With the four of the seizures, plus the most recent one where
he was totally symptomatic but because he could still swallow
we got soda into him and he didn't go into the seizure,
he was sleeping.   During two, I was awakened to find him doing
it and for the other two, plus the other incident, I was up and
getting ready to test him when he went into the seizure.

He used to only seize in the past when he didn't notice his
lows and many of those seizures were during his active time
of the day.

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