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Re: [IP] Leg cramps

On 6/1/02 10:24 PM, "Scott Huber" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Jack, the leg cramps can be caused by many things, the one that comes to mind
> is potassium, when BG is high and ketones are produced potassium leaves the
> cells and enters the bloodstream, creating a false high level of
> K+(potassium), when in actuallity your K+ is low, and one of the effects of a
> low K+ is muscle cramping.  There are many more things that cause cramps but
> that seems to be the most common cause in diabetes.  Now off the record, one
> thing that may relieve that is quinine tabs, you can get them at walmart or
> wherever, but you should probably consult your endo.  Good luck
> Scott

This topic is so timely for me because I woke up this morning with one of
those killer cramps in my calve.   I went to the drugstore this evening
hoping to get some quinine along with other stuff but the pharmacist said I
was 5 years too late.  Quinine is a prescription item again.  Guess I'll
have to wait till Monday to call the doc.  Maybe I ought to just go get some
bananas instead.    ;>)

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