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[IP] Re: 2 is better then 1

On 6/1/02 10:00 AM, "insulin-pumpers-digest" <email @ redacted>

> Date: Sat, 1 Jun 2002 18:20:47 +0200
> From: "fs" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: Re: [IP] Why 2 H-Trons
> - ----- Original Message -----
>> Mike the law in Europe with medical devises make them send a back up pump.
>> They do not give two with the newer D-tron because it is sold in USA. I
> think
>> if you got the D-tron in Europe you get two. At any rate it is a law
> issue.
>> Roger C
> I beg to disagree. The only significant market for pumps in Europe is
> Germany and MiniMed does not supply two pumps in Germany, nor anywhere else.
> The concept is clearly that ''you always have a backup'' - something which I
> find a bit silly for competent adults: if you cannot cope with pump failure
> for a day or two, should you be on the pump in the first place? <SNIP>
>Supplying two pumps could mean that they are not to sure about the quality
>of their products - but that's being a bit mean.

Yeah, it is frank, I live in earthquake country and when we had a rather
large one here in 1994, Northridge itself was right next to the epicentre of
the quake. MM out here was closed for a week and most CS calls wewre routed
to NV and AZ.

Could UPS and deliveries be made if a large enough 'quake happened? Maybe,
but then maybe not. *I* have my spare pump and supplies in my emergency pack
and rotate the insulin and test strips and batteries to keep the supply

Also a few months back, on the list, a posting was about someone's pump
being stolen from them! Bloody nerve of the crook....

It is -I feel- unfair that a challenge to one's intelligence is made by the
remark of ability (or lack thereof) of handling pump failure and wanting 2
pumps.  *I* have 'Peace of Mind' knowing if mine is robbed, lost or broken,
I only have to get the other one and put it on, call TS and so forth. I
don't have to wait for faceless entities to send another one, or worse, some
PO worker losing the replacement on me.

I Can cope indeed with pump failure, but..{shrug}...WHY??

--The geek shall inherit the earth!
Jenny Sutherland
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