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[IP] Quicksets vs. Sof-Sets

Hi!  I have been a regular user of sof-sets since getting the pump in
'99.  I just got my first order of Quick sets.  I wanted to try something
new.  At first insertion I loved it!  It looks nicer when attached and
you don't have the tubing dangling after you disconnect to take showers,
etc.  The only problems I have noticed is that the sight isn't lasting 3
1/2 days and the cannula has pulled out w/o me knowing it in the early
hours of the AM leaving me with a bg of 485 (checked my bg at 4:30 AM and
it was 182, gave a small bolus and went back to sleep only to wake up at
6:30 AM not feeling so good.  It is so weird how in 2 hours your bg can
go that high even w/o food).  Also, where the tubing meets the reservoir
- it came unscrewed in the middle of the night.  It was on just enough
for it to pump air into the tubing and I had to prime it for 10 units to
get the 2 inch air bubble out.  I am also getting used to the w! ay it
disconnects and reconnects - it feels like that the twisting is putting a
strain on the site.  Despite all this, I am not giving up on it yet, but
have had several problems in the two weeks I've been using them.   You
may want to give it a try - just be aware of the site and tubing, etc.  I
think it can be a wonderful thing - just need to be cautious as we all
should be anyway.

Jenie Harrison, 31 yo,  dx'd 7/93, pumping since 8/99


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