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[IP] Type III Diabetics ?????

We all know how uninformed or misinformed people are related to diabetes.

I learned that a coworker was a Type II and went over to talk to them about
it, as someone sent an email about a website (www.reversingdiabetes.com ,
which I think is riddled with misinformation) and he was on the email

As I am talking to this person,  I asked him if he was Type I or Type II.
He said he was a Type II.  I showed him my pump, and told him I was on
insulin, and he asked me if I was a Type III.  Never heard of this one

He said Type I's were controlled by diet,  Type II's were controlled by
Pills, and Type III's were controlled by insulin.  I could not get him to
understand that I was a Type I.  I talked with him about 10 minutes or so
and he still didn't get it.

My $0.04 worth,

Andy J
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