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Re: [IP] Why 2 H-Trons

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From: "Robert B. Denman" <email @ redacted>

> I believe that it's got something to do with European regulations.  As a
Minimed user, I joked about having two pumps, but was told that in Europe,
they have to provide a backup, and just felt that it made sense to do the
same over here...

. Disetronic is a Swiss company where pump therapy is not very popular. In
Europe its main (virtually its only market in Europe) is Germany. Are you
suggesting that EU or German law requires Disetronic to provide a backup,
whereas MiniMed has received some sort of dispensation (because it makes a
better pump??) whereby it does not have to provide a second pump in the same
market? There is simply no such law in Germany and Switzerland has the
poorest consumer protection and product liability legislation of any
industrialized country, period. Pumps are usually not sold, but leased out
in Switzerland. The 'product' is in effect the provision of hardware and
consumables that allow CSII. The second pump was/is provided so that the
leaser always has a working pumpavailable. But Disetronic chose to provide a
second pump. Apparently some people prefer having a second pump available
and so perhaps they were wise and it shows that the net unit cost of pumps
must be quite low.  There is, however, no statutory or legal requirement
that they should do so.

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