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RE: [IP] Why 2 H-Trons

My apologies, Mike. That last thing about implying
weakness was more for Frank, not you. :) It seemed like
that was what he was implying (when he said "can't
handle" re: going off the pump for a couple of days).

See my other post about the 2yr thing. Hope that helps
clarify it. :)

Mike said:
I wasn't implying anything negative. Maybe "suspicions"
wasn't a good choice
of words, but I wanted some responses from H-Tron
users, before I said, (in
another post) what I had heard about the life
expectancy of the H-Tron. My
suspicions were only that the requirement of 4 yrs
couldn't be met, thus the
need for 2 pumps. Nothing about quality was stated nor
implied, only a
question about the 'why 2 pumps"
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