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RE: [IP] Why 2 H-Trons

Nope. They don't shut off forever. They just shut off
temporarily so that you have to send them in for a
technical inspection at the end of 30months (as long as
the batteries are in, that time gets chipped away,
so...for the HTron users out there, do NOT store them
with the batteries in). Once the technical inspection
is done, the pump is sent back to you (if no problems
are found it doesn't take long) and you can use it
until...whenever. That could be another 2yrs, 4yrs -
who knows.

Personally, I like that you have to send them in for an
inspection. If you are paying that much money for a
piece of medical equipment that your life depends on,
you want to maintain it so it continues working
properly. We do this with our cars, so why not our
pumps (this was just an afterthought, I know you
weren't questioning this, Mike)?

Mike said:
So the pump shuts itself down after 2yrs and 4 months?
so it requires 2
pumps to get the 4yrs on the warranty.
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