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[IP] re: Syndrome X

Syndrome X is about insulin resistance. (Are you type
"A syndrome is a condition defined by a cluster of
related symptoms or disorders. In this case, Syndrome X
refers specifically to a group of health problems that
can include insulin resistance (the inability to
properly deal with dietary carbohydrates and sugars),
abnormal blood fats (such as elevated cholesterol and
triglycerides), overweight, and high blood pressure."
This site discusses the book about Syndrome X by Jack
Challem et al but it does tell what the syndrome is

Here is another site:

There are many others that pop up with google.

Hope this helps.

Chris said:
I am 52 years old and am applying for a disability
pension.  My primary
doctor put down one of my diagnoses as "Syndrome X."
Is anyone familiar
with this syndrome.  I've searched and have not found a
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