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Re: [IP] Why 2 H-Trons

It may be silly to you Frank (btw, just curious if
you've ever experienced a pump failure?), but I
personally like that we have a backup pump for my
daughter at all times. Nothing is without its faults
and you never know what might happen. It's not that we
"can't handle" being off the pump for a couple of days
(if we absolutely had no choice but to use shots we
would.) But it is an inconvenience to have to give
short acting shots every 2-3hrs around the clock until
the new pump arrives (and they don't always arrive
asap, some here have had to wait as long as 4-5 days
due to the timing and/or location of the pump failure).
It would be silly to give long-acting insulin for short
periods of time so you'd pretty much *have* to do short
acting around the clock. I don't know about you but I
lead a very busy life so having that backup pump just
makes things a little easier for all concerned (and
since *I'm* the one who has to keep this 8-child
household running, largely by myself, it is just one
less thing to have to worry about. Not to mention my
daughter would prefer not to have that many shots per
day if she could avoid it.) Now before anyone gives me
grief about making things easier for myself and/or my
daughter, I'd like to point out that most of you
probably have a tv remote control to make changing the
channels easier for you...so, why expect any less for
the diabetes care? (I rest my case!) ;)

This paragraph is mostly for Mike. I noticed the other
day that Lyndy (an Animas user) said they bought 2
pumps for their daughter. Now, do you think she did
that because she doesn't believe in the product? No (I
know she believes in the product, as she's stated that
many times)...she did it to have a backup (for travel,
etc). If we ever ordered a pump that didn't come with a
backup, we, too, would be buying a second one for that
purpose (for the reasons stated in the first

It's not a sign of weakness to have a backup (and I
know no one said that explicitly but that is what was

Frank said:
The concept is clearly that ''you always have a
backup'' - something which I find a bit silly for
competent adults: if you cannot cope with pump failure
for a day or two, should you be on the pump in the
first place?

Mike said:
Can someone on this list explain to me why everyone
with a Disetronic H-Tron, has two? I have my own
suspicions, but can someone give the official
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