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[IP] Anti-Virus stuff explained

  >Hi Sam-
  >I've been living under a rock and appreciate your anti-virus messages.  I
  >haven't had any anti-virus anything for years.  I've had both Dr.Solomon and
  >McAfee and they- uh- lapsed.  Do I have to buy new software and then
  >subscribe to a service, then update online?  How does this work.  Can't I
  >get by just by not opening attachments?

< The above message was sent to our HELP address, but we thought it might 
be of general interest. The name has been removed to protect the 
innocent  :-)  >

New anti-virus software generally comes with 12 months of free updates, and 
you can typically purchase a year's extension to your subscription, when 
this runs out. The costs for a renewed subscription are usually minimal, 
something like $5-$6. This cost is worthwhile, since playing on the 
Internet without antivirus protection is like driving down the freeway at 
65mph without: seat belts, fenders, bumpers or a roof. While you may be OK 
for awhile, do you really want to take a chance with not only your own 
computer health, but that of all your friends and correspondents too??

While just not opening up attachments may work most of the time, there are 
smarter viruses out there now. Depending on which software that you use for 
reading email, there are some viruses that can run automatically when you 
just look at mail. There are also viruses that reportedly lurk in some 
web-pages. It just isn't worth taking a chance. Keep your house doors 
locked by using anti-virus software and you'll be able to sleep much better 
at night.

Sam Skopp
One of the volunteer Insulin Pumpers administrators
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