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Re: [IP] Why 2 H-Trons

On 6/1/02 11:35 AM, "Mike Swaithes" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Someone told me that the H-Tron was not programmed to work for 4 yrs, so in
> order to get the 4 yr warranty required by insurance, it required 2 pumps.
> Don't know if that's true or not. Doesn't make sense that they can't build
> the pump to last 4 yrs. But would explain the requirement for two pumps
> Mike Swaithes

I believe that the pumps have an internal clock that counts down to 112
weeks of use and then gives you the "Error 88".  That means that there are 8
weeks of life left before the pump shuts down completely to force you to get
a technical inspection.  So the warranty may be for 4 years on the pumps,
but the actual use before a technical inspection is due is more than 4-1/2

As far as a backup being unnecessary, tell that to an astronauts and see if
they agree with you.    :>)

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