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Re: [IP] seizures

> I was curious about the 12 year old having seizures since going on
> the pump. You say he was sleeping...did you catch him having the
> seizure? How often do you check him when he is asleep?  That is very
> scary.
> We check Kevin 1.5-2 hours after his bedtime snack and then 1-2
> hours after that too because we are afraid of what could happen AND
> unfortunately...even under the best control...there are things that
> happen and have no explanation.

I found that Lily's night time bg's were much more stable if she did 
not eat in the few hours prior to bed time. A meal or snack close to 
bed time made her bg's much more prone to big swings both up and 
down. This observation if from many years of 2am bg checks.

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