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Re: [IP] rafting with a pump

> > Lily just shoots some regular into her
> > infusion disconnect port to cover her basals -- this works fine for
> > 4-5 hours at a time and she reconnects to bolus for food or snacks.
> Michael, how do you do this??????    Zach is wearing Quik-Serts.
> Would this work??????

I've not examined the Quick Set closely and don't have a sample. With 
SofSets, Sil/Tender/Comfort sets as well as all pig-tail release 
sets, you can insert a standard insulin syringe needle "carefully" 
into the silastic seal of the set and inject the insulin. With the 
variety with pig-tails you must take care to account for the "fast" 
and "slow" insulin that is in the tube between the QR and the person. 
The pig-tail is 2.5 inches long appx, and holds about 1.25 u of 

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