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Re: [IP] Why 2 H-Trons

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> Mike the law in Europe with medical devises make them send a back up pump.
> They do not give two with the newer D-tron because it is sold in USA. I
> if you got the D-tron in Europe you get two. At any rate it is a law
> Roger C

I beg to disagree. The only significant market for pumps in Europe is
Germany and MiniMed does not supply two pumps in Germany, nor anywhere else.
The concept is clearly that ''you always have a backup'' - something which I
find a bit silly for competent adults: if you cannot cope with pump failure
for a day or two, should you be on the pump in the first place?

 Many years ago, when Disetronic in Switzerland was still very badly
organized, they told me to change over every month to prevent storage
damage - ludicrous, but then they also suggested leaving the red tappet in
permanently. The last time  I was replacing a pump I asked them to supply
the two pumps successively, but they refused. I cancelled the order and
switched brands.
Supplying two pumps could mean that they are not to sure about the quality
of their products - but that's being a bit mean.

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