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Re: [IP] Where to make the change?

On 6/1/02 8:15 AM, "jhughey" <email @ redacted> wrote:

>> From: "Scott Huber" <email @ redacted>
>> the disetronics pumps' have the much smaller settings available, i'm not
> sure about the MM or enemas(animas) lol.........Scott
>>> I am confused....the only increments for basals I am aware of are .1 or
>>> .05.....no .01...which pump do you have?
>>> Beverly
> The confusion, Scott, is cuz none of the pumps deliver at .01 (hundredths)
> of a unit. They are 0.1 (tenths) or .05 (hundredths from Animas). (~_^)

Not to continue the confusion, but you should say they are not "programmable
at hundredths" because the Disetronic and the Animas do deliver in
hundredths. For example, at a programmed basal rate of .5 with the Animas
and Disetronic you would receive insulin in doses of .025 units.  So they
deliver in doses of thousandths, but are programmable in tenths or
twentieths.     :>)

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