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Re: [IP] seizures

> a rapid drop in bg can cause a seizure  hypoglycemia can also produce this
> frightening display. that is how insulin shock therapy worked. spot
> A. L. Bender, M. D.

Thanks, this part I've figured out.   My question and concern is
what caused the unexplained rapid drops?   These have all
been while he was sleeping.  No changes were made in his basals
or anything.   It would be just like the other days that week,
except BINGO!   He'd drop like a rock for no reason and
then of course, since he was sleeping and we didn't catch it,

I understand most of the rapid drops when he's awake.  It's
these weird ones when he's sleeping.

Now the Endo wants to do a Neuro work-up to eliminate any
concerns she's having over pre-exissting not identified yet
Neuro problems.   Don't expect to find any and hate to put
him through this.   It's been a bad enough 6 months with his
school keeping him at home!

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