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[IP] Regular in cartridge with H

I rarely post, and to be totally honest with you, I feel really guilty for
being on this list and unable to financially contribute to keep it running.
I've thought about unsubbing since I can't help out-at least I could lesson
the burden with one less address to send it to!:O)  I do have a question and
a problem that happened with us.  My son Riley (6) has been pumping over a
year with the H-tron.  We started pumping with the new D-tron almost 3 weeks
ago.  One night, Riley's site came out (wouldn't you know it would have to
be 1am?<G>).  His cartridge was nearly empty anyway so I thought I'd just
pop in a new one and he'd be good to go.  The piston rod got STUCK half way
down and would not budge!!!  I could not prime it up nor could I get it to
go back down.  This was only our SECOND cartridge, so it was only the second
time we had returned the piston rod.  I called D and they told me they'd
ship out a new one, thank GOD I still had his H-tron as a back up.  Anyway,
the question I have is Riley's site only lasts 2 days if I am lucky.  Lately
(about the last 2 mos?) he has even been complaining of the site "burning"
when I bolus him his H in the pump.  I think the H is just too irritating
for his skin and I would like to try putting R in the cartridge to get a
longer site life.  How do I put R in the pre-filled cartridges?

Take care,
Amy-mom to Tyler-8, Riley-6(dx'd 7-1-99&pumping 5-30-00), Mason-3 1/2,
Cailin Rose-2, & lil apple seed due 11-21-01
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