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[IP] Beach

> My 12 year old daughter's first trip to the beach since being on the
> pump is this week. She is 12 and very active. She usually disconnects
> for swimming pools and boluses every hour or so. However, she often has
> her site come dislodged when she is physically active even in a swimming
> pool. I am concerned that she will have to insert a new infusion set
> every hour in order to bolus.

Kay, my son is a new pumper and we had to use 5 infusion sets in 5 days due
to swimming.  Every time he got in the lake or the pool the whole set was
off within 20-30 minutes.  This was while using Mastisol and IV 3000
dressings.  My MiniMed sales rep put me in touch with a friend of his who
wears a MiniMed and water skis.  He uses Skin Bond and Tegaderm dressings.
He let us have some of his and bingo!  My son has been more in than out of
the water today and yesterday...we actually went the whole 3 days before
changing sites!!!  For my 10 year old that is a major accomplishment!
Supposedly if you get your supplies through Minimed they can get these for
you.  I'm calling on Monday.

Deborah, mom to other Joshua! (dx 5/98, pumping 1 week and 1 day)
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