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Thanks for your message Michael. The upper buttock
just isn't going to work for my infusion sets. The
absorption wasn't happening (with three seperate
consecutivesets). And with the bent needle, depth
isn't quite so much an issue because if you've gone
have it in my belly for the first tijme and it's
really not comfortablr there, even though it's
working. I play the upright bass and it leans right on
my abdomen=ouch. My thigh seems like the best place. I
so wish I could use one of the synthetic cannulas, but
as I was saying in my earlier posts (after trying
EVERYTHING) they just weren't working. My doc even
checked me for excessive staph on the skin to see if
it was blocking the cannula. My DM team is still
scratching their heads over my bout with the sets. But
I'll tolerate the bent needle if it's between that and
going back to MDI. I've had such a difference in my
BG's since the pump (still working on fine tuning).
I'm also certainly going to send a contribution to
insulin pumpers. Such a valuable site. And a
well-educated bunch, too. 
> Ok Wench :o),
> My 18yo daughter now exclusively uses her upper
> buttocks (above 
> pocket level) for insertions. She has not used bent
> needles there, 
> but did use them for a couple of year in her lower
> abdomen. She 
> uses the Silohette and inserts just below the skin
> at about a 15 
> degree angle. I'm pretty sure the trick for areas
> other than the 
> abdomen is to not insert the set to deeply. You may
> just have to 
> expirement with moving the set around a bit to get
> the right 
> placement. See the pictures on FAQ page of the web
> site at:
> http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/faqs.shtml
> Michael

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