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[IP] New Precision Glucose Meter

       I know it's just a "variation" on a theme, but some of you may be 
interested in yet another glucose meter offering. The Precision Xtra meter ( 
the one that measures ketones in the blood using the 4 available ketone 
strips that come with each box of glucose meter strips) is now available 
with: TA DA (drum roll):
        Lighting Features!
       Ok - I admit it - I thought it was "way cool" when I played with it at 
the ADA conference in Philadelphia this past week.  3 luminous features 
include a) a backlit display to see results in low light  b) a spotlight 
indicating exactly where to place the blood drop, which can go either on the 
side or on top of the strip and c) (really cool)- it GLOWS in the DARK for up 
to 8 hours after being exposed to light for 15 minutes.....
       No - it's not as small or as fast as the Freestyle or the Ultra, but 
it's yet another option, in the ever-increasing list of glucose meters on the 
market.....and as one who's fumbled in the dark many a night in search of my 
daughter's meter or watched her use her pump backlight in a dark movie 
theater to see what her meter was reading, these new features certainly 
piqued my interest. It also shows the date & time on the screen unlike her 
current Precision meter, and can store 450 results downloadable with the 
requisite software. One drawback though is that unlike the basic Precision 
which folds up very flat like a wallet (and is the prime reason why Melissa 
prefers this one to the 5 others she probably has in her room), the 
capability to measure ketones required a "fatter" design, and thus a larger 
case. I made sure that each manufacturer's meter "rep" heard my "pitch" for 
smaller case designs.
        Since mom won't be there in the fall when Melissa goes off to 
college, I'm planning on purchasing one of these as soon as they appear on 
the market in the next few months......one way to ward off the "gee I 
couldn't test myself because I couldn't find my meter in my messy dorm room" 
syndrome hopefully!! For the record, this is simply dissemination of new 
information for my diabetes cyber-circle - NOT a product endorsement. 
Regards, Renee (melissa's pump-mom)
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