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[IP] Animas Pumpers: Filling a Reg. Syringe from the Cartridge???

At our pump start, the endo said that we shouldn't need to carry an insulin 
vial with us (i.e. in the pack with her meter, glucose tabs, etc.) on a daily 
basis since Katie would always have insulin in her pump cartridge that we 
could draw into a syringe if we needed to do an injection (say if we had a 
site gone bad and wanted to wait to do a set change until we'd gotten home or 
something).  (She seemed concerned that a vial that got carried around for 
quite a while would be likely to lose potency . . .).

Anyways. the other day, when we replaced her cartridge,  I thought I'd try 
that out before we *needed* to do it .  .  . There was over 50 units still in 
her cartridge (which we'd taken out of the pump), and neither Katie or I had 
any luck drawing more than about a 1/2 unit and a bunch of air into the 
syringe from the cartidge ( it was a short needle syringe) . . . Any Animas 
pumpers have any advice on how to accomplish this . . . I'd like to know how 
to do it in case we every really needed to 

. . . Although, frankly, I'd just as soon carry around a partial vial in a 
FRIO pack and drawing any necessary insulin from that . . . I mean -- the 
insulin in her cartridge going bad could just a likely be the reason behind 
high numbers as a bad site . . . Any thoughts???

And for  the record -- it really ticks me off that we can get every kind of 
insulin without a Rx EXCEPT the Humalog we need for our pumps . . . seems 
ridiculous to me . . . 

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