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Re: [IP] Reusing tubing with the QuickSets

Sylvia, mom to Joshua, wrote:

<<Maybe if enough of us wrote in to MM and complained
about this to tell them how it REALLY is, maybe they will come out with
of set ends only!??!>>

I don't really think that will help since all of the pump companies
recommend changing out the tubing when you change the set.  Even the new
UltraFlexes from Disetronic come with tubing for each set.  They told me
that with the Tender 2's that the reason they package 10 sets with tubes and
10 sets without, is that those were designed for new pumpers who might have
trouble inserting the Tenders and would possibly need extra sets.  They have
told me they're not planning on packaging the UltraFlexes differently, and I
think that Mini-Med has always packaged the Sils with tubing, isn't that
true Mini-Med users?

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