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[IP] re: thryoid problems

Subject: [IP] thyroid problems??

"Just got back last A1C and it was down to 5.5.  Doctor told me I could be
poster girl for diabetes!!  She also noted that my thyroid was slowing down.
Does anybody else have thyroid problems and need pills.  How well do they
work and any side effects??"

My endo started me on Levoxyl 0.075mg about April of this year because of my
hypothyroidism.  They have helped me out a lot.  It used to be that mornings
were horrible, I never seemed to get enough sleep and just drug through the
day.  I have more energy now.  He hasn't ran another test yet to see how well
it's working--if he needs to keep me at current dosage or increase it--but I'm
sure that will be in the very near future.  Right now we are focusing on
getting set up on the MM508 pump.  I started on that June 21st last week.  So
far so good.  I am enjoying the freedom.  I actually did not eat dinner one
night until 9:00 and my sugars stayed level!  It's great not being restricted
to a schedule anymore.

Tina in Northeast Ohio
Dxed 1983, pumping 6/01 on MM508
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