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Re: [IP] Reusing tubing with the QuickSets

>How do you use the same tubing when changing out QuickSets?  You can't
>remove the tubing from the new set without removing the needle hub, unless
>you insert the set with the new tubing still on it, remove the needle hub
>and then disconnect from the new tubing and then connect with the old tubing
>on the pump.   Is that how you do it?

Yes. That is exactly how I did it. The problem is that  I do not know how 
much insulin is needed to completely prime the new connection and 
the  inserter needle that was removed from the cannula. I used 1.0 unit and 
it may have worked OK but I can not really be sure because my BG was pretty 
messed up anyway at that point.

Now that I think more about this I could probably call Mini-Med and ask 
them. Maybe I will.
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