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>Does anyone think that neuropathy could affect the feeling of the hot
>sun on the skin?

YES!  Neuropathy can keep you from feeling heat, so you can get burned more
easily. Whether or not that's true for you, take care of your skin! You might
want to be extra-careful about avoiding sunburn since you have neuropathy.

I have noticed a pattern that when I'm outside in the heat, my insulin loses
potency. That is, it "cooks."  I now put my pump in a cooler at the beach, but
I don't want to take a cooler around with me when I'm gardening, so I got a
FRIO wallet. I hope it works, haven't tried it yet. If not, I could disconnect
and leave the pump in the AC while I'm outside, and just check often and bolus
to cover the missed basal, if I need to. (It sounds so simple, but it never
works out that way...)
Dx'ed at age 5, pumper since age 25
great A1c, crappy BG's, I think it's overnight lows pulling the A1c down
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