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[IP] IP] thyroid problems??

email @ redacted wrote:Just got back last A1C and it was down to 5.5. 
Doctor told me I could be
poster girl for diabetes!!  She also noted that my thyroid was slowing down. 
Does anybody else have thyroid problems and need pills.  How well do they
work and any side effects??
Hi, i began having thyroid problems about a year ago. I have Graves Disease.
I was real hyper and oh so bitchy, look out! My doctor ran some tests told me
i have Graves, which is an overactive thyroid. i had to take a radioactive
iodine pill to basically slow my thryroid down. the end result is now my
thyroid is underactive. so i take one pill a day. 100 mg of levoxyl. I am
normal now well as normal as i can be. so don't worry. Its treatable and i
had no side effects, so far so good. i think its common to have thyroid
problems along with diabetes. well good luck and take care Eileen any other
questions you may have, or if i did not explain myself right, you can email
on the post of course or direct . p.s.. you want to make sure your doctor
keeps a close watch on your thyroid, it can effect so many things in your
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