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Re: [IP] Zoloft

   Wow! From 14 to 7 is amazing improvement!  You are a diabetes wizard!
Yowza! Congratulations!
   The chest pain should be evaluated by a doctor, just in case it means you
heart trouble. However, if your heart is OK, anxiety can cause it too. This is
treatable, even curable with good care. If your anxiety is getting in the way
of your
life, you may want to see a behavioral psychologist. (Yes, I'm a behavioral
psychologist, and therefore biased.)  There are effective, time-limited
treatments for
anxiety that work with or without medicines. However, many people benefit from
both kinds of treatment.
   You might take a look at your caffeine intake, sleep habits, and general
Caffeine will make you feel stressed, so you may want to cut down (not too
cold turkey can give you a nasty headache!)  Take good care of your body, get
enough rest, and learn to relax your mind and body. This can help with
anxiety. In
fact, it can help everybody!
    Zoloft works, I take it for depression, it helps a lot. Also, I have
recommended it
(as a psychologist I couldn't prescribe) for others for anxiety, depression,
obsessiveness. Everyone is a bit different, some people don't feel better, or
even feel worse on Zoloft, or any other medicine. (It's very similar to
Serzone, Paxil, to name a few similar medications-SSRIs, selective serotonin
reuptake inhibitors). It's basically very safe. It takes 2-6 weeks to work, so
should see changes by then. If not, your doc may need to adjust your dose.
(I'm on
100 mg. You probably started on less.) Sometimes people feel more anxious at
tell your doctor if you do, but usually that passes after a week or so.
common side effect is reduced libido. That tends to last, but may be worth it
if the
anxiety is a bigproblem. If Zoloft doesn't work, or has too many side effects,
are plenty of alternatives.
   Sorry this is so long, it's just my thing. Heather, hope you start feeling
better soon.
You have a lot to be proud of, don't let anxiety or depression hold you back!
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