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Re: [IP] Convincing a CDE

No I don't mind you stepping in...since you and i have talked in detail 
about this, you have brought up things i have forgotten...and it's true, i 
am not looking to mess up a great relationship...yes i want what's best for 
my daughter, but i also know that our endo adores my daughter and dwouldn't 
make any decsions to hurt her either...all they are asking me to do is wait 
a little bit, but since i hear research to the opposite of that...such as 
going on the pump while young and in honeymoon is the best thing...then i 
wonder how i should do so tactfully but agressivley...vicki

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>Subject: Re: [IP] Convincing a CDE
>Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 01:01:20 EDT
>Sorry folks to ineterrupt you on all of this great advice to Vicki but 
>is one thing you have missed.  Her daughter's endo is totally leaving the
>decision up to the CDE and the endo will not start her until the CDE gives
>the go ahead (it's very political).  I already told her it doesn't make any
>sense and we all concur on that, but Vicki and her daughter have had a
>wonderful relationship with both of these people for a while now and are
>afraid to upset the applecart, if you know what I mean.  There must be a
>study out there somewhere, and I know there is but I can't find my copy, 
>talks about proven results with pumping and children, or pumping at early
>onset.  If someone knows about this study, it is online, I think through 
>but not sure, if we can get that info to Vicki and anything else we can 
>up with.  Perhaps if we all write personal experiences to her in first 
>that she can print and show to the endo/CDE, that might help keep the
>peaceful relationship afloat.   I'm just thinking out loud, and Vicki, I 
>you don't mind me stepping in like this either!!
>mom to Joshua
>still looking for that article!!!!!!
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