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[IP] re: Children "playing with the buttons" on a pump

From: "J Hughey" <email @ redacted>
> If they are worried about your child randomly pushing buttons on the pump, I
> believe the MM has a child-lock feature, doesn't it?
*My* take on this is that the child did her own request to get a pump,
therefore knows it will improve her lifestyle. These children seem to know
they aren't getting shots any longer as well as feeling better with new
freedom. This probably means that at her age (6?) she wouldn't fool around
with the buttons to mess anything up. I think most of them are pretty
protective of this miracle box. (~_^)

You have the right take on this, from my experience.  Luke (6-1/2) knows that
pushing a bunch of buttons on his pump means that he gets extra insulin - and
would have to eat lots of glucose tabs to keep from having a hard low, or that
he will miss getting the right amount of insulin & then feel bad from the high.
 Right from the start he knew that this wasn't a toy, and he's very protective
of his pump.  He doesn't mind showing it to people, but very few are allowed to
touch it unless he knows they're responsible for his care (like school nurses
or teachers).  

We turned off the child lock in the first week we had the pump because it kept
him from being in control of all of his boluses (the remote was okay for the
0.5u increments).  He remembers to bolus better than we do.

When we were at camp a few weeks ago, there were quite a few kids (30?) with
pumps on, and I didn't hear 1 story about them playing with their pumps.  These
kids all know that the pump gives them the freedom from their old NPH-driven
Shelly V, mom to Luke (6-1/2, dx'd 10/15/99, pumping 3/5/01, MM508)

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