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Re: [IP] Unwise choice?

>>>Just curious...............Why did you choose to switch from your MM508
a D-Tron?  I've only been on the pump for a month and I had chosen the MM
because of size and the remote....Have a made an "unwise" choice? Insurance
would say too late now but I'm still curious.>>>

<<<Since we don't know (yet) why the switch was made, do not assume *you*
the wrong pump for *you*. There may be a feature the trader required that
don't need. Remember, any pump is a good pump - they deliver insulin into
body at a continuous rate with different features. Most people don't trade
cars right after getting a new one, either.>>>

As a matter of fact the MM 508 pump is a very GOOD pump, the reason I made
the switch is because I run a Jewish organization helping hundreds of people
with diabetes, I felt that I have to get the feel and experience of the
D-Tron too in order to help those with the D pumps, and to be able to give
them ALL the options.
By The way: the feature of prefilled cartridges is really saving me time and
bubble aggravation.

Rabbi Hirsch Meisels
email @ redacted
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