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[IP] Re: diabetes cure in mice

> I assure you the medical industry will put a stop to this cure, as it would 
> dampen the medical industries profits, including companies such as Mini med, 
> etc.

There is a vast amount of info in the archives that
should be studied before posting things that recur,
over and over.  Please read the massive amount of
past posts on this subject.

To save the time from reading some of those, the
argument for no cure is one point only.
 - The medical industry makes money on it.  For self
interests they will do whatever is necessary to make
sure that no cure is found.

The reasons why there will be a 'cure' (if one is
even possible with the current technology).
 - Most of the research is being done by
Universities and non profit entities, both in the US
and abroad.  Jim H has mentioned this.
 - This would require a vast worldwide conspiracy,
that would eventually be found out and would make
Watergate small potatoes.
 - The researcher, team, University, Corporation,
etc. would receive instant notoriety, fame and
riches with their place in history assured (everyone
knows who Salk and Sabine are).  
 - Whatever the 'cure' is it will still need to be
supplied.  The company that can supply it will have
no financial worries, at all.
 - I believe these people are in this field for more
than the 'vast' riches.  Many do these to do good
for society, their families, and themselves and will
not be bought off by financial incentives.
 - There are many afflictions that have been cured,
that took away profits from the Health industry, my
brothers polio for one, and they still seem to be
doing quite well. 

If you have some other 'proof' or can substantiate
(confession?) these allegations, we would all love
to see them.
email @ redacted
Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall
never be disappointed.
 - Alexander Pope
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