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Re: [IP] diabetes cure in mice

Jim Handsfield wrote:
>>I assure you the medical industry will put a stop to this cure, as it 
>>would dampen the medical industries profits, including companies such as 
>>Mini med, etc.
>Since they have little or no control over such research, how do you think 
>the medical industry will accomplish this?

I've often wondered about this.

Maybe they're powerful enough to buy up all the good ideas and put them in 
a giant warehouse, like the one we saw in the last scene of "Raiders of the 
Lost Ark." Hey, wasn't that a _government_ warehouse, Jim?

Someone could make a real contribution by cataloguing every warehouse in 
the world and auditing them for unexploited cures for diabetes.

Let's remember, folks, that it's difficult to throttle progress in the face 
of competition. Scientific research is the ultimate competitive enterprise. 
If I don't publish it and/or patent it, someone else will. (A cure for 
diabetes is Nobel prize material.) If my company doesn't produce it, 
another one will.

Conspiracies only work when competition is stifled, either from 
monopolistic practices or government edict. IMHO, neither is responsible 
for my continuing need to administer insulin by injection.

regards, Andy
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