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RE: [IP] D-Tron questions

My 10 yr. son uses the D-Tron and we were told the battery is good for 
about 12 hours after the alarm. We haven't had any problems with an 
accidental bolus, but I was a little concerned with that feature too.  I 
asked if it could be removed, but they told me no.  Have you called their 
support line yet? They are great at answering questions and concerns.  The 
number is on the back of your pump.

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 >From: Rabbi Hirsch Meisels [mailto:email @ redacted]
 >Sent: Saturday, June 30, 2001 1:44 AM
 >To: Insulin Pumpers
 >Subject: [IP] D-Tron questions
 >I just switched to the D-Tron from the MM 508, and I have a few concerns.
 >One thing I am afraid of, the audio bolus (is that the right term?) does not
 >have to be confirmed, so does it never happen that buttons are accidentally
 >pressed and a bolus is delivered unintended?
 >Another question, when I get a low battery warning, how much time do I have
 >to change the power pack?  It is a little too big to carry in my pocket a
 >spare one.
 >A very funny question, I have been running in the low 200's since I went on
 >the D pump, is there a chance that I will need a different basal with the
 >different pump?  (it may just be the excitement of the new pump, or maybe
 >the lack of exercise of filling reservoirs).
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