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Re:[IP] Looking for a new meter

Clear DayHi Judy,

In answer to your first question...

"looking for something that requires the tiniest amount of blood, straw
sucking action to the strip,  a 5 second countdown and something that
measures the serum (???) part of the blood like the Glucometer Elite XL
does.  Any suggestions???"

The One Touch Ultra meets the first 3 of your requirements, but I'm not sure
about the serum part.  I am thinking of switching from the FastTake to the
Ultra.  It supposedly works well in very hot and cold temperatures, which is
my only complaint with the Fast Take.

I don't know about your second question as I was diagnosed at age 14 and
didn't start pumping till I was 26, but when they admitted me to the
hospital and gave me my first injection, I told them I wanted to do the next
one myself.  They let me practice drawing up the insulin and injecting into
an orange.  I then took over the injections myself.  To this day, I hate
someone else giving me a shot.  Flu shots and such really bother me.  I'd
much rather do it myself!

Hope this helps some...  Heather  :-)

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