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[IP] Many Thanks

To all of you who responded to me, Brenda, Ann-Marie, Todd, 
Andy, Diane, and everyone else.....

Golly Gee Whiz, I love this group.  Got great advice from everyone.  
I was so scared it was the beginning of Diabetes related Eye 
Problems and blindness.  And I am such a visual person (can't 
remember if that is right brain or left).  

Thanks for your feedback, I just spoke with my Ophthamologist's 
nurse and she confirmed, after asking me a lot of questions, about 
pain, blurryness, spots, (the same ones you all asked) that it was 
not a serious problem, just an ugly one.   It is called something 
sub......  conjunctivitis, a bruise to the eye, caused by a multitude 
o things lifting, high blood pressure, sinus and allergy problems, 
medications, on and on....

She offered to fit me in right away if I was uncomfortable at all.  
She said several times that if any of the symptoms develop (she 
made me write them down) call them.  Gave me the weekend 

The Ophthamologist I go to is highly recommended by several 
doctors here, and approved by my endo at UAB (big plus) so I feel 
good about him.  

I want to thank you all for taking the time to respond and make me 
feel better.  I am so amazed at how good it feels to know you care. 
I didn't think of that when I asked the question, but I am so 
appreciative of your support.  It means a lot to me. 

Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL

(OK, Michael, I will add some dollars to my monthly credit card 
contribution for these wonderful IPers.)

Thanks, Todd, and I have a drawer full of tubing again...were we 
going to send it to our Blue Cross Rep???? or to MM again. 

I am having to order 3 boxes today, having just ordered 3 a couple 
of months ago.   I have just had a phase of bad site and have been 
going through 4-5 a week sometimes.  You know you put the sil in, 
checking every half hour to be sure it is a good site and after 1.5 to 
2 hours if it isn't going down, I change sites.  

She called it something conjunctivitis....

I truly appreciate your help and support.  
Bonnie Richardson
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