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[IP] Looking for a new meter

Hi Pumpers.

I have two questions for ya's.  First, I'm looking for a new meter.  I'm 
looking for something that requires the tiniest amount of blood, straw 
sucking action to the strip,  a 5 second countdown and something that 
measures the serum (???) part of the blood like the Glucometer Elite XL does. 
 Any suggestions???  

And second.  For all the pumpers that started pumping when they were very 
young........Can they give themselves a shot??  My Amanda started pumping a 
few days after her 6th birthday.  She wasn't giving herself shots at that 
point, so she has never given herself a shot to this day.  I'm thinking at 
some point we have to teach her so when she's older she can take care of 
herself, it's just hard because she seldom gets shots now.  Any suggestions 
or hints???

If you can, e-mail me privately.  I don't get much of a chance to read the 

Thank you very much,
Amanda's mom   dx at age 3 1/2  4-97   pumping 7-99
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