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[IP] D-Tron questions

I just switched to the D-Tron from the MM 508, and I have a few concerns.

One thing I am afraid of, the audio bolus (is that the right term?) does not
have to be confirmed, so does it never happen that buttons are accidentally
pressed and a bolus is delivered unintended?

Another question, when I get a low battery warning, how much time do I have
to change the power pack?  It is a little too big to carry in my pocket a
spare one.

A very funny question, I have been running in the low 200's since I went on
the D pump, is there a chance that I will need a different basal with the
different pump?  (it may just be the excitement of the new pump, or maybe
the lack of exercise of filling reservoirs).

Rabbi Hirsch Meisels
email @ redacted
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