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Re: [IP] Convincing a CDE

Sorry folks to ineterrupt you on all of this great advice to Vicki but there 
is one thing you have missed.  Her daughter's endo is totally leaving the 
decision up to the CDE and the endo will not start her until the CDE gives 
the go ahead (it's very political).  I already told her it doesn't make any 
sense and we all concur on that, but Vicki and her daughter have had a 
wonderful relationship with both of these people for a while now and are 
afraid to upset the applecart, if you know what I mean.  There must be a 
study out there somewhere, and I know there is but I can't find my copy, that 
talks about proven results with pumping and children, or pumping at early 
onset.  If someone knows about this study, it is online, I think through CWD 
but not sure, if we can get that info to Vicki and anything else we can come 
up with.  Perhaps if we all write personal experiences to her in first person 
that she can print and show to the endo/CDE, that might help keep the 
peaceful relationship afloat.   I'm just thinking out loud, and Vicki, I hope 
you don't mind me stepping in like this either!!

mom to Joshua
still looking for that article!!!!!!
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