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[IP] testing multiple times

Carol wrote:
<If I tested more often it would seem to me that's all I do, not to mention
I would be a nervous wreck-constantly thinking I had to check my bs
levels-however this is what my goal is I just can't imagine doing it. Do you
set a timer? Wear a watch for an alarm-what? Any suggestions/help/advice
would be greatly appreciated-I have to be able to imagine having a life and
checking multiple times daily also.>

Carol, one thing I do is have multiple meters (4 fasttakes--takes 15
seconds...thinking of switching to the Ultra--takes 5 seconds). I have one
in the office, one when I travel (for example, in the car), one in my den at
home, and one in my bedroom--for those late night tests. So it's convenient.

No, I don't set an alarm at all (except when setting basal rates). I always
test before eating (including eating "snacks") and before bed, and try to
test around 2 hours after eating. In addition, as I said earlier, when I'm
exercising I test every half hour or so (because my blood sugar can go down
like a balloon that's been popped!), and I test when I don't "feel" too
well--headaches (too low?) or no energy (too high?). Sadly, that's a fairly
frequent occurrence for me!

No way do I set a timer...and it's easier to do when I'm on a regular
routine (I teach--so always test at "breaks" with a 3 hour class, then test
in the afternoon while grading/researching). It averages out to 12 times a
day, but some days it is more, some days less. It really isn't all that
intrusive....or all-consuming.

Hope this helps!


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