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Re: [IP] thyroid problems??

Thyroid problems are extremely common in diabetics, especially type 1.  
Hypothroidism related to diabetes can sometimes be referred to as autoimmune 
hypothyroiditis and is believed to be caused by the origin of the islet 
tissue and thyroid tissue (also adrenal and intestinal villi).  These tissues 
all form from the same parent tissue during fetal development and so cross 
over antibody reactions can be common causing diabetes, hypothyroidism, 
Addison's disease and Celiac sprue.  There was an interesting article in 
Diabetes Forecast several years ago about all of these common autoimmune 
disease, and the probability of more then one occurring in the same 

As for thyroid supplement pills, I have taken them since 1992.  The biggest 
thing I have found about them is the fact that normal lab results can occur 
(for me) on different doses of medicine.  It took a lot of convincing and 
visits to the doctor before he would believe that the low dose I was on 
wasn't enough to relieve all of my symptoms.  Once that got straightened out 
things went well.  I also stayed on the same dose throughout my pregnancy.
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