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[IP] Good News Update

I was out of the office all day yesterday, and came back to great news
this morning!  My insurance company approved my pancreas transplant, and
I was added to the list for cadaver pancreas today.  They only make
additions to the list twice each month, so the insurance approval was

I know that this is a surprise to some of you, but I also know that
those who did know have offered lots of prayers...and I thank you so
much.  (I use bcc's just in case some don't want to share addresses.)It
took me, and Jon, three years to come to this decision, and it still
causes some nervousness.  However, my endocrinologist made this
recommendation about 3 years ago now, and the ensuing time has given me
many events to tally and say that he is right.  The level and number of
lows combined with the lack of glycemic awareness combined with the love
of and for my family finally made the decision -- but I don't make quick

It is very probable that it will take me quite a while before I get "the
call" that they have an organ for me.  I have a high level of antibodies
to other tissue types, and I have one of the two most difficult to match
blood types.  They are predicting about a year on the list.  The surgery
will be in Minneapolis at Fairview University Hospital, and should take
about 4 hours.  The goal -- normally achievable -- is to come out of the
hospital as an individual who does NOT have diabetes.  I will be on lots
of meds, and they are continued for the life of the graft.  Some people
are about 20 years out, with the same graft.  At one year out, graft
survival is 80%.  However, at 5 years, the graft survival is down to
55%.  Needless to say, I will continue to work for a cure to this dumb
disease.  Hopefully that will happen, and I can go from one cure to
another.  Lots of stuff to pray for.  Life is good.
Love you,
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