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[IP] Re: Need Help Immediately!

This is an open letter to all members of this digest:

I am the father of a six year old boy who is Type I and has been pumping for 
over a year now.  My wife and i are both health care providers and have been 
extremely happy with our son's control since leaving injections.  We are all 
currently on vacation in the North Atlantic on a cruise ( I am writing from 
the Norwegian Sea internet cafe).  
During our time on board we met another family with a little 7 year old girl 
who is type I and currently on injection therapy.  They are having very 
erratic control, and told us that she has had five seizures over the last two 
years.  They are very interested in having her go on an insulin pump, but 
their endocrinologist in London, Ontario is very resistant to putting a child 
so young on the pump.  We on this board know (at least I think we know) that 
seven is no longer considered young.  This family has little contact with 
other Type I families, and is not sure how to proceed.
Now......to all Canadian families on this digest......if  any of you have 
some thoughts, ideas, or the name of a doctor in the London, Ontario area who 
may be ammenable to puuting this little girl on a pump, please E-mail me 
privately and I will pass this info on to the family.  We are cruising till 
7/1, but will only receive e-mail till 6/30 midnite.  Any and all help 
gfreatly appreciated.  Oh, the reason I am so interested is that the little 
girl had her 6th seizure last nite while on board ship, and I am quite upset 
both as a parent and a health care provider.  Thanks to everyone in advance.

                                                                Dr. Peter 
email @ redacted
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