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[IP] Quick-Set - Site Change

OK. I need some help. Up until an hour ago I would have said "this is an 
easy one - no Problem" Now that I tried to do it I'm am not so sure.

How do you do a SITE ONLY change with the Quick-Set. ie. I want to save the 
reservoir and the tubing (both of which I just replaced 3 hr ago)?

With the Sof-Set I would have disconnected the tubing from the old set, 
reconnect it to the new one, prime enough till I saw drips from the new 
cannula, insert set, remove inserter needle, prime 0.5 units, DONE.

That does not work with the Quick-set because I can not figure out how 
to  disconnect the tubing from the new set without removing the inserter 
needle first!

What I finally did was - insert the new set empty, remove inserter needle, 
connect old tubing (previously primed) and prime 1.0 unit (wild guess) to 
fill the connector and the cannula. Anyone have a better procedure for this?
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