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Re:[IP] Convincing a CDE

"....but the CDE said she would not recommend us for the pump until Katie is
on 15 units of insulin a day(she is currently on 11.5-14 depending on her
carb intake in a day)....what can I say to change her mind? "
I'm sure the Moms and Dads on the list will give you good kid specific
advice.  I am 32 an I average 13 units a day on a MM508 and the pump has
definitely helped me!  Waiting for insulin need to increase seems like a
silly reason to me. The Animas and Disetronic dose in .05 units which might
be more appropriate for smaller doses.  The  pump companies usually provide
you with a trainer to work with, so you may be able to work with the trainer
and your endo and cut the CDE out of the picture until they get on board.
Good luck in fighting for what is right for your family.  

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