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[IP] diabetic diet??

Hi there,

As far as the "diabetic diet" is concerned, it is (according to everything
I've read) not at all different from that which is recommended by the
American Dietetic Association for everyone.  Everyone, regardless of whether
or not s/he has diabetes, should enjoy a balanced diet with a everything in
moderation, including simple and complex carbs.  Any dietitian will tell you
to be wary of diets that suggest eliminating an entire food group.  Complex
carbs in the form of  whole grain foods in addition to lots of veggies and
fruit should constitute the better part of one's diet (barring any
particular food allergies, etc.).  Be careful not to overdo it on fatty
foods or simple sugars (check out the Food pyramid for a reference).

Jeanne K.
pumping for only 2 days and loving it! 
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