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Re: [IP] Convincing a CDE

At 10:12 AM 6/28/01 -0600, you wrote:
 >Okay...I am going to pose this question to the list in hopes I can print off
 >a few and show them to our CDE...she is "making the final decision" about
 >putting my 6 year old daughter Katie on the pump.  FIrst of all, our endo
 >team has never put anyone younger than 11 on the pump before and the endo we
 >use (who uses a pump herself) is very much for it...BUT her partner is VERY
 >VERY VERY against it...is having a fit that we are even discussing it(we
 >have a "pump trial" coming up in July that the other endo doesn't even want
 >to take place)....but the CDE said she would not recommend us for the pump
 >until Katie is on 15 units of insulin a day(she is currently on 11.5-14
 >depending on her carb intake in a day)....what can I say to change her mind?

First of all, as several have already pointed out, it's your decision to 
make, not the CDE's.  If she won't train you, find someone else who 
will.  The pump companies are affiliated with many CDEs and trainers.  My 
trainer came right to my house.

All the reasons you gave for needing the pump are excellent ones.  You 
might also point out that while your daughter is on such a low dosage of 
insulin the pump makes MORE sense than shots, because you can control 
insulin dosage much more precisely--0.1 unit increments rather than the one 
or half unit increments of a syringe.

I'm curious if that's her only reason for not wanting to put your daughter 
on the pump.  Is it?

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