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[IP] Convincing a CDE

Okay...I am going to pose this question to the list in hopes I can print off 
a few and show them to our CDE...she is "making the final decision" about 
putting my 6 year old daughter Katie on the pump.  FIrst of all, our endo 
team has never put anyone younger than 11 on the pump before and the endo we 
use (who uses a pump herself) is very much for it...BUT her partner is VERY 
VERY VERY against it...is having a fit that we are even discussing it(we 
have a "pump trial" coming up in July that the other endo doesn't even want 
to take place)....but the CDE said she would not recommend us for the pump 
until Katie is on 15 units of insulin a day(she is currently on 11.5-14 
depending on her carb intake in a day)....what can I say to change her mind? 
  We really need the pump in our lives for 3 reasons...#1 we (and yes, that 
does include my daughter who may only be 6, but deperately wants this and it 
was her idea in the first place)are very commmited to it....#2 we live a 
"busy" life...I have 4 kids and run an in=home daycare...14 kids total...we 
never eat on a schedule because it depends on how many kids i have(up to 10 
at a time),when they arrive,when they leave,and how many i have to feed as 
well as i take care of 3 babies(never more than 2 at a time)...but I would 
say 9 out of 10 lows occur in a week because we were just not able to get to 
eat on time and the pump would elimate alot of that....we have tried and i 
have tried giving her snacks,etc...but she either doesn't want them because 
she isn't hungry or ALL the other kids want to eat when she does and I can't 
afford to give 14 kids snacks ALL the time!:)...and most importantly #3 I 
truely believe it is what is best for her health...less lows and highs and 
hopefully no numbers that bounce around all day...technically we already 
fall under "good control" because Katie's average bg is a 135 and her last 
AC1 was a 6.5%, but she does bounce up and down all day and night long and I 
feel the pump will help us with that as well as being beneficial to her over 
all health.

Sorry this was so long...but any healpful suggestions on how to handle this 
would be appreciated...

Vicki, mom to Ashley 10, Katie 6 dx'd 11/00, Alex 4.5, Korbin 2,
wife of Kelly
Rio Rancho, NM

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