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[IP] Unpleasant Experiences

Hello everyone:
        I have been reading the posts of late, and it has been bringing
back memories, many of them, things I have tried to forget.
        For the duration of the time I've been diabetic, dx'ed in 1980,
I have always belonged to HMO's as my primary insurer.  I am lucky to
never had any really ugly experieces with them.  I'm sure you guys have
all had some srew-up on your health insurance coverage, but, lately more
states are instituting Patient Bill of Rights legislation to protect us,
and make the insurer's more accountable for what they do to us, so...it
has gotten better.
        I recall the doctor that initially treated me, right after being
discharged.  This guy was (and probably, to this day is) a real jerk.  He
is an Interist, but did not know much about Endochrinology in particular
and human relations at all.
        I had gone to the local Medical Library, and done a bunch of
reading on diabetes.  I read the Joslin Diabetes Book, several Diabetes
(Medical) Textbooks, and whatever else I could find.  As it was something
I would never get over, it was, and still is belief that I am the leader
of my health care team.
        By being knowledgable, I felt I could make better decisions.  So,
I walked into the office with a bunch of notes, which my doctor asked to
borrow.   Duh...... give me a break, here guys.  I can understand
somethings and be tolerent of some things, but...........
        Anyway, what I'm asking is, what kind of unusual, dumb, or just
plain unexpected responses or stupid replies have others gotten from their
so called, health care PROFESSIONALS (caps intentional here !!!).
        It may be unfair to characterize everyone this way, but we may
wish to compile a list of all the jerks everyone has seen, so others are
aware of who to avoid.
                        Arnold Berkowitz
                        email @ redacted
DX: 1980 T1, MM508 12/1990
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