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[IP] Re:testing multiple times (and testing after meals)

Carol T. wrote...
>I know teting often causes better control, however I just don't seem to be
>able to handle it-yesterday I really watched myself and when I looked at my
>chart I had only tested 6 times.  If I tested more often it would seem to
>that's all I do, not to mention I would be a nervous wreck-constantly
>thinking I had to check my bs levels-however this is what my goal is I just
>can't imagine doing it. Do you set a timer? Wear a watch for an alarm-what?
>Any suggestions/help/advice would be greatly appreciated-I have to be able
>to imagine having a life and checking nultiple times daily also.

I sort of have the same problem.  I test before each meal, before bed,
anytime I feel low, and prior to and after exercise when I do that.  But I
am really having trouble remembering to check AFTER eating.  Also, I'm
curious as to how long after a meal people check.  My endo says 1 hour
after, while my CDE and OB/GYN say 2 hours after.  We are trying to get
pregnant, and I really want to do what's best, but it's hard to know what
that is, when my doctors can't seem to agree on things!
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